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  1. Home Defense & Target Ammunition
    I recently purchased a S&W MP40c at a pawn shop. Bad nistake. I paid $400 which I see from an internet search is retail. When I examined the ammo clip it was marked S&W .40 .357 Does this mean the weapon will fire sig .357 cartridges without b lowing my hand off?
  2. Classifieds
    SOLD - WTB possibly WTT - 357c Factory Barrel to buy or for ammo SOLD - Gently used or new Factory 357 Sig Barrel for M&P 357 Compact. Prefer to buy, but would consider trade for Ammo. 10mm (Underwood, PPU, & PBR), 9mm (American Eagle, Blazer, PBR, Underwood) 357 Sig (Underwood and PBR), or...
1-2 of 2 Results