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  1. New Member Introductions
    Hi, Folks! I just got my Shield 40 and have some questions that I hope you don't mind answering. Sights - purchased the Ameriglo iDot sights. I like them better than the stock sights. Thoughts? Any suggestions on better sights? IWB Holster - looking to get one. Any suggestions on models and...
  2. Deals
    Botch Tactical has a sale on all M&P Magazines for $25 with free 3 day shipping. This includes the 8 round M&P Shield 9mm mags that are difficult to find at that price. I ordered 2 for each of my 3 M&P's for $150 shipped for all 6
  3. Classifieds
    *****SOLD***** $425 or trade for Glock17 - This M&P compact is in like new condition with exactly 201 rounds through it (200 were from me at the range, 1 at the factory). Never a malfunction, never a jam, never a misfire. It's as close to factory new as you can get. You can see that there is...
  4. MP SHIELD Pistols
    Just picked me up a shield. Wow, what a great little shooter! I don't know what took me sooooo long!? I used to always carry my 45c, but it will take a back-seat now.The shield makes it so I will ALWAYS be carrying! How bout you folks? Has it revolutionized how you carry? Anyway, I love it. The...
  5. MP Pistol Talk
    Hey all, just got back from the "range" with my pistol. Decided to put it through a random dirt test and I was honestly surprised by the results. I tried to do shake out a minimum amount of dirt both times I did it. First try it worked flaweless other than a gritty, nasty slide and trigger...
  6. MP Pistol Talk
    Hello all. I am going to purchase a .40c. I am unable to determine if the Talo edition has an internal lock. I know it doesn't have a mag safety or an external safety. Ive called Talo distributors and Smith, no clear info. I'm hoping one of you owns the gun and will be able to confirm this. Thanks
  7. Classifieds
    Not looking to buy at outrageous prices, but I own both pistols and would like some extra magazines. Please PM me your "shipped" offer to zip 46808. I can by PP or MO. Thanks!
  8. Handloading & Reloading
    Hello guys, I am new around here and am getting ready to reload for my new 40c. I have purchased 3 different boxes of ammo to shoot until my reloading dies arrive. While sitting at my bench this morning with nothing to do I decided to measure some of these loads to see how consistent the OAL...
1-8 of 8 Results