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    I have an M&P 9mm 1.0 that I have upgraded with night sights. I am looking at the 9mm Shield Plus. My decision is whether to upgrade the 1.0 with a duty carry trigger (it is MA compliant with no safety) or trade it for a shield plus 9mm. I'm still deciding on safety versus non-safety for the...
  2. MP SHIELD Pistols
    Will the 9mm M&P shield extension mags work for the 9mm M&P shield ez since there both M&P 9mm and shield models?
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    Action Enhancement Trigger for M&P 100-025 Lightly used trigger and slave pin, sear spring is new and unused. See pictures for details. $30 shipped
  4. Classifieds
    I have a Shield 9mm magazine holster by Bravo Concealment. I bought it new and never used it. I am asking $15 and shipping is FREE to the lower 48 states. US Postal money order preferred. Thanks for looking .
  5. MP Pistol Accessories
    Anyone know where I can get some mags for the new EZ 9mm?
  6. MP Pistol Accessories
    hello, new user looking for some advice on accessories. i have a S&W M&P 9mm full size and i'm looking to customize it. i am trying to find a medium size back strap in coyote brown as well as a slide in coyote brown. any suggestions or help will be greatly appreciated, thank you.
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    Im selling the original Barrel that came with the m&P i just bought. I have never put a round through it. As soon as i got it i handed it over to my gun smith to begin working on it and replace the barrel with a match barrel. Im asking for $85 shipped. text at 305 332 4464
  8. MP SHIELD Pistols
    Especially for IDPA and 3GN competitions, I get a lot of use from cheap kydex Uncle Mike's 2x magazine carriers for Glock double-stack mags. They work interchangeably for 9mm and .40 S&W. As a CCW choice, I have a 9mm M&P Shield. But I'm having trouble finding the same type of carriers for...
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    The 7 round mags feel better in my hand. Anyone have the opposite problem and want to trade my 8 for their 7?
  12. MP SHIELD Pistols
    Nimrods has the shield 9mm 8 round magazines on sale for $23.45 with free shipping. 2 pack for $46.25 S&W 19936 M&P Shield Magazine 9mm 8Rd SS - Nimrod's Wares If you need any, this is the best price I have seen lately.
  13. MP Compact Pistols
    Im in the market for a new 9mm, and I've narrowed it down to these two. I own a 45c already and like I very much. Now I want something roughly the same size in 9mm. Do any of you have an opinion one or way or another from your experience with the firearms? I've been able to get my hands on a...
  14. MP Full Size Pistols
    Here's a pic of my 5 yard shooting with the S&W SD9 and the M&P 40...not great but I am happy with the results. Will back off to 7 yds, then 9, etc and see what happens. This is a practice I saw at a pistol training site...start at 3yds and work back. The SD did good despite the hard trigger...
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  16. MP SHIELD Pistols
    After quite a bit of lengthy research I settled on the Shield 9 for my EDC. Originally I handled an XDS 9 that I thought I had to have. Once I started my research I saw that everything was compared to the shield. I did wait for the G43 to show up and well they are just late to the party and for...
  17. Deals
    Botch Tactical has a sale on all M&P Magazines for $25 with free 3 day shipping. This includes the 8 round M&P Shield 9mm mags that are difficult to find at that price. I ordered 2 for each of my 3 M&P's for $150 shipped for all 6
  18. MP Ammunition
    First time I have had to go buy ammo in awhile to begin restock. Walmart was carrying 2 I had not seen before, including the 9mm federal, but with an aluminum case instead of brass. Has anyone run this stuff? Has anyone run it through a shield? At 2/3rds the price and under $10 a box it's a...
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    (1) Brand new in box, 17rd 9mm M&P factory magazine for sale. $30 shipped! PayPal gift only. PM if interested. Thanks!
1-19 of 39 Results