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  1. MP Compact Pistols
    :unsure:So I'm really new to handguns, I actually just bought my first pistol last week. (m & p 9c) I love it so far, ive put around 400 rounds through it, and im not very accurate but I assumed I'll get better with practice. I was just looking over it a little bit ago and I noticed something...
  2. MP Full Size Pistols
    I know this was an issue in the past, but from what I had read this has been fixed. I purchased a FS M&P9 in March, had an Apex trigger & sear kit installed and took it out to shoot yesterday. It was horrible. All over the paper. So, I thought, maybe I'm just having a bad day. Pulled out my...
  3. MP Full Size Pistols
    Just wondering if anyone else has noticed accuracy improvements from swapping to a factory threaded barrel? I have 2 FS M&P 9mm pistols: 1 is about 5 years old, the other is about 2. I added a S&W factory threaded barrel to the older one about 3 years ago and noticed a remarkable improvement in...
  4. MP Full Size Pistols
    Hey guys, new to the forum but not shooting. I purchased a 9L Pro CORE this winter and am having some accuracy issues with it. Anytime I start getting past 7 yards my groups begin to spread (up, down, and left) dramatically. The spreading grows exponentially with each yard I step back. I...
  5. MP Ammunition
    So I'll start off by saying that I am by no means a crack shot, but I shoot well enough to know when something has gone awry. Earlier today I went outside to do some target practice. I fired about 150 rounds of American Eagle FMJ in 10 round sets from 25 yards getting consistent 5 1/2"...
  6. MP Full Size Pistols
    I've seen a lot of people trying to figure out what the new 2012 production barrel's twist rate is. The original barrels use to be a slow 1-18 twist rate (5 groove). I was wondering this myself seeing all the accuracy talk so I contacted Smith/Wesson and this is what they wrote back with the...
  7. MP Reference
    Have you paid close attention to accuracy after cleaning? I'm not talking about a leaded barrel. Just normal GSR. At my range, it's about 50 / 50 more accurate to less accurate. I notice that I'm less accurate.:shock:
1-7 of 7 Results