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  1. Classifieds & WTB Section
    (New) Tier 1 Concealed Aegis Elite - Shield Plus - $135 shipped (New) New Pacific Leather Custom Mag Pouches - $40 Shipped (for the set) or ($20 shipped per mag pouch SOLD PENDING FUNDS (Like New) TAC BELTZ Inner/Outer Belt - 1.75", 34-38 waist - $60 Shipped (Like New) Trijicon HDXR...
    $135 USD
  2. MP SHIELD Pistols
    Finally updated from the OG Shield9 to the Shield Plus. It's a sign of the times when here in 2022, my Plus basically holds as many rounds as my OG M&P9c circa 2010! Only wish I had waited and gotten an optics-ready version, but oh well. So, of course the pistol (with Streamlight TLR-6) fits...
  3. MP SHIELD Pistols
    Has anyone tried the Axis Slim holster from Tier 1 Concealment? Looks like a very good appendix inside the waistband holster. I like the idea of using the shock cord to attach the mag caddy so that it can bend and flex to the shape of your body. Has anyone tried this or currently own one for...
1-3 of 3 Results