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  1. Alien Gear Holsters
    Obviously a person should learn to choose a gun, but also know how to choose ammunition for it. Ammunition, just like a pistol, is a tool and every tool has an ideal purpose. As a result, certain kinds of ammunition have a definite purpose.. Continue reading at: A Complete Guide To Ammunition -...
  2. Alien Gear Holsters
    The lay person may hear the term "retention holster" and wonder if some holsters don't have any retention at all. That can be a bit misleading, to be sure. The term "retention holster" is used colloquially to denote a holster that has a bit more retention than the average holster does. Holster...
  3. Alien Gear Holsters
    If a person should ever have to shoot in self-defense, when is the right time to draw? There may be instances when drawing a gun may not only be premature, but possibly illegal.. Continue reading at:
  4. Alien Gear Holsters
    Whether you are a seasoned pro or a complete novice looking to get a handle on safe firearms practices, this guide from Alien Gear Holsters has the tips, tricks and knowledge that you need to understand basic firearm safety.. Continue reading at...
  5. Alien Gear Holsters
    Thanks to all who participated! If you want the latest in products or contests, sign up for our emails on our website! Best, Alien Gear Holsters
  6. Alien Gear Holsters
    Have you wondered about our base sizes? We have micro, compact, sub compact and full. But we get tons of questions about which one to choose for your holster. Here is a quick and informative video on our holster bases. Conceal in Comfort. Alien Gear Holsters...
1-7 of 7 Results