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  1. JHP vs FTX

    MP Ammunition
    I'm a fairly new 9mm M&P owner. Purchased just before the lockdowns just as the 9mm ammo scarcity hit. I was able to get enough target ammo for practice and managed to get 200 rounds of CCI 115 grain JHP ammo which I planned to use as our home defense rounds until I can find something better...
  2. S&W MP40c shoot Sig .357?

    MP Ammunition
    I recently purchased a S&W MP40c at a pawn shop. Bad nistake. I paid $400 which I see from an internet search is retail. When I examined the ammo clip it was marked S&W .40 .357 Does this mean the weapon will fire sig .357 cartridges without b lowing my hand off?
  3. Federal Target Ammo w/ Aluminum cases

    MP Ammunition
    First time I have had to go buy ammo in awhile to begin restock. Walmart was carrying 2 I had not seen before, including the 9mm federal, but with an aluminum case instead of brass. Has anyone run this stuff? Has anyone run it through a shield? At 2/3rds the price and under $10 a box it's a...
  4. Practice vs. Carry

    MP Ammunition
    Hey guys, I'm a total newbie, both to this forum and to gun ownership generally, so forgive me if this is a dumb question. It seems like there's a lot of back-and-forth online about self-defense ammo vs. practice ammo, with lots of people saying they practice with something cheap like PMC in...
  5. WTS: 1000rds of Remington UMC 9mm 115gr for $520 shipped. Also have 100rd box of .40

    I've got a bulk box of Remington UMC 9mm 115gr that I'd like to get rid of for $520 shipped. I accept USPS Money Order, discrete paypal gift, or can do a face to face transaction in upstate SC. I also have a Winchester White Box Value Pack of 100rds of .40 that I could toss in for $45 if...
  6. What to do with a pallet of ammo...

    MP Ammunition
    Hey folks, We were able to pick up another pallet of ammo, this time with 17 cases of 9mm. While most of them were gobbled up locally, we were able to keep one for ourselves. That leaves us with 48 cases of 40S&W for this weekend, or whatever doesn't sell in the forums we frequent. So If you...
  7. Hello from Toledo, Ohio...a few questions

    New Member Introductions
    hey i'm glad to be part of the forum and am looking to be a better gun owner...i had just purchased an m&p 40c brand new and had a few questions Remington 180 grain fmj ammo good for the range? should i look for something else? 2. whats your opinions on frog lube? 3.if anyone is from...
  8. New Handgun Owner

    MP Compact Pistols
    Hi everyone, I'm new to the handgun community as well as to this forum and I just wanted to ask a couple of questions. I just purchased the M&P 45c, which I love so far. After much deliberation between the Glock 36 and the XD-M, I went with the M&P and I am happy that I did. My first question...
  9. Checked OAL on some commercial ammo

    MP Reloading
    Hello guys, I am new around here and am getting ready to reload for my new 40c. I have purchased 3 different boxes of ammo to shoot until my reloading dies arrive. While sitting at my bench this morning with nothing to do I decided to measure some of these loads to see how consistent the OAL...
  10. Any Ammo to Avoid?

    MP Ammunition
    I just purchased my first M&P45 and I haven't owned a gun since I left the military 5 years ago. I know there tons of different ammos out there, is there anything I should avoid? Also, any recommendations for inexpensive practice ammo? Thanks!