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  1. Action Enhancement Trigger for M&P 100-025

    Action Enhancement Trigger for M&P 100-025 Lightly used trigger and slave pin, sear spring is new and unused. See pictures for details. $30 shipped
  2. Why are the Apex Triggers different for 2.0?

    MP SHIELD Pistols
    On the Apex tactical shop, they have two sets of triggers for the shields, the 1.0/1.0 45, and the 2.0 Apparently you cannot use the originals in the 2.0 and vice versa What exactly is the reason for this? What I am asking is which part is different, or why would they not function the same? I...
  3. M&P9 2.0 Apex forward set trigger and sear

    MP Full Size Pistols
    So does anybody know when this is gonna be available??? Plus I really dig the blue freedom edition flat face trigger. I want it on my gun now! Oh, and thanks for having me!
  4. WTB: Tti 140mm basepads and magwell and apex stuff

    Want To Buy
    H3llo, my name is Darrin Raymond and 8 am in desperate need of Teran Tactical +6 (140mm) basepads and springs (if they come with them). Do not care about the color (I like silverish, blue and red though). I'll take Taylor Freelance 140mm and 170mm with springs if that's what you have, prefer TTI...
  5. WTS: Like New M&P45 with mods and accessories (FL)

    For sale is a like new M&P45 full size with mods and accessories. I purchased this pistol brand new. All original paperwork, fired shell casing, 3 backstraps, lock and case are included. There have been less than 175 rounds fired through the pistol - all factory ammo. I had Apex Tactical install...
  6. Hello All - Question about Recoil Springs

    New Member Introductions
    I have two VTACS, 9mm and 40SW. I am interested in getting the Wolff Guide Rod and spring kits for both, but I wanted to find out which # weights you all like most. Also, your thoughts on them. I load my own 9mm and 40SW ammo, and I tend to always load on the lighter side. I've been...
  7. question re: sear in M&P 9c and Apex trigger

    MP Compact Pistols
    Hello, Can someone look at their sear block on their gun and tell me if there is a polished mark on the top of it? On my original sear and now on the Apex sear, there is an obvious polishing on the top of it where I assume the striker is rubbing it as it goes by. I am having issues with...
  8. My new EDC

    MP Full Size Pistols
    I have had my M&P 40 FS since 2010 and have used it as my EDC and range gun. However, I decided to finally modify it in order to better serve as my EDC. Below are some pictures of my modified M&P 40 full size. Modifications: Grip Chop to accept compact mags and full size with X-Grip adapters...
  9. FS: Excellent Condition M&P9 FS w/ 10-8 Sights and Apex Trigger-Kentucky

    I purchased this M&P9 full size earlier in the year and just haven't warmed up to it. It's a great gun but I find I don't shoot or carry it nearly as much as my Glocks and it has just been sitting around. The gun has under 200 total rounds fired through it. It is a recent production model and...
  10. M&p 40 fs with flashlight/laser holster and perf upgrades

    MP Full Size Pistols
    Hey, I am new to the forum as well as the world of handguns in general. I recently got a m&p 40 fs as well as a new flashlight laser combo ($80 at Walmart?). I have a cheap holster already but not one that fits the new light. I have also attenpted to color the lettering on the slide with...
  11. Striker safety spacer

    MP Gunsmithing
    Hey guys, first time post so hello all. Had my M&P for only a little while and I couldn't help but start tinkering with it. First night sights, then the DCAEK and I don't know if I can stop there. For one reason or another it just seems to be the best 9mm I have owned or fired thus far and just...
  12. Worth the Upgrades

    MP SHIELD Pistols
    This is the Deal: I love the Shield. :happy: Mine is in 9mm and is great! Having put about 1,000 rounds down range I took some time to upgrade. This is what I did: Smith & Wesson Shield Pro i-dot AmeriGlo night sights. Green single dot rear night sight (U nothch rear), Green with Orange...
  13. My Daily Carry M&P 9c w/ APEX, A2 Stippling, Garrett Silent STX

    MP Pictures
    Today I am sharing my personal daily carry weapon. It is an M&P 9c with a full size M&P Magazine, sporting an X-Grip extension. Backstrap and magazine stippling provided by Alex at A2 Stippling. Alex does great work and charges next to nothing in my opinion. The only other upgrade I have done...
  14. The Perfect M&P: My Build Journal

    MP Full Size Pistols
    Figured I would make a build thread or mini journal as I modify my M&P9 Fullsize. My goal is to make the perfect M&P (for me) and spare no time/money on doing the best quality modifications I can. I'd be happy to answer any questions on the parts/process. Mod List: M&P9 Fullsize (Jan 2013...
  15. Apex questions

    MP Talk
    Ok, I know there's many discussions on here about different apex combos. But I have a full-size .40 and I am thinking about getting an apex duty/carry kit, with a RAM. Does anyone else have this combo? If so how do you like it whats it like? Or if anyone else has any combos they really like I'd...