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  1. MP Pistol Talk
    I have a Bravo Concealment light bearing holster with regular belt loops and also the belt clip loops. I change out depending on my attire but usually keep the belt loops on for IWB conceal carry. I've been looking into the DOS-L for convenience so I can just change holsters instead of spend 5...
  2. Pistol Holsters, SIghts & Other Accessories
    I'm looking to purchase a holster for my M&P9c. I know I want a kydex pancake style. I'm looking at either a Raven Concealment, Bravo Concealment, or an Off The Grid Concepts holster. All are constructed about the same, price similarly, but wait times vary. Raven is at 16-18 weeks (I am not a...
1-2 of 2 Results