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  1. How to Carry Concealed When It’s Hot Outside

    Alien Gear Holsters
    Concealed Carry During Hot Weather - Four Tips to Make CCW Life Easier How to Carry Concealed When It?s Hot Outside - Alien Gear Holsters Blog Concealed carry is immeasurably easier spring, fall, and winter than it is in summer. Here are some tips to enjoy the warmth without revealing your...
  2. Questions from a new Shield owner from PA

    New Member Introductions
    Hi, Folks! I just got my Shield 40 and have some questions that I hope you don't mind answering. Sights - purchased the Ameriglo iDot sights. I like them better than the stock sights. Thoughts? Any suggestions on better sights? IWB Holster - looking to get one. Any suggestions on models and...
  3. Best Shield OWB Holsters

    MP SHIELD Pistols
    I feel pretty confident with my IWB holster, but really need a solid OWB for my Shield. I'm a minimalist, so the slimmer (and smaller) the better. I also have an important caveat... I live in Illinois, and while CCW is now legal with a permit, the limitations force me to do a lot of...

    yeah so im kinda new to Concealed carry so i spent some time searching online for a holster and i think i went over board and bought a few to many all at once but i love them all thats the thing they each feel good when im trying them on with different clothes on but yeah i ordered these...