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  1. CLOSED--WTB M&P 4.25" 9mm upper or conversion barrel

    Want To Buy
    Looking for a 9mm barrel & slide upper or a 40 to 9mm conversion barrel that would work with my 4.25" Pro C.O.R.E. Also looking for 9mm mags :-) Thanks! Daniel CLOSED Thanks all!!
  2. Shield 40 M2.0 conversion barrel to 9mm

    MP SHIELD Pistols
    Hello. I am new to this forum and joined to get advice and opinions on a 40-9mm conversion, a tough topic to get straight answers on. I have a M&P 40 full size, a M&P Bodyguard 380 and just bought a M&P 40 Shield M2.0. The 40 full size, bought used, came with the factory barrel a 9mm S&W...
  3. M&P 40 to .357 sig, battering?

    MP Full Size Pistols
    i have an m&p 40 converted to 357 sig, i here people say that this can batter the frame. can this be avoided with a heavy recoil spring? and is there a possibility of over pressure? LOVE M&P FOR LIFE :2guns::robo::robo:
  4. M&P 40 Advice

    MP Full Size Pistols
    So I thought I got a decent deal on an unfired (new) Atlanta Police FS40. Test fire date 3/21/2012. Naturally it has N/S and I didn't realize it had the magazine disconnect. I researched that and then removed it as I'm in TN and I can't come up with a reason for me to have one and I thought...
  5. Storm Lake .40 to 9MM conversion barrel (M&P Fullsize)

    Storm Lake conversion barrel. Very lightly used (replaced with used M&P FS 9MM.) I have a Storm Lake 40 to 9 conversion barrel for S&W M&P to sell. Has maybe 100 to 150 rounds through it. Comes in original Storm Lake container. Works great, accuracy was better using the 9mm than the stock 40...
  6. M&P 40 full size to 9mm conversion

    MP Full Size Pistols
    Happy Friday my fellow M&P friends! So I've done my due diligence in searching the net and reading about what one needs to do in order to make this happen, but I just wanted to make a quick post here to confirm so that nothing gets done incorrectly. And since a lot of what I read was from forum...
  7. WTS: Smith & Wesson M&P 40 to 9mm Conversion Kit, Magazines, and More!

    SOLD: Smith & Wesson M&P 40 Magazines, Storm Lake Conversion Barrel (40 to 9mm) Storm Lake 40S&W to 9mm Conversion Barrel for Smith & Wesson M&P 40 Full Size. Approx. 200 Rounds Fired. Part Number: SW-MP-9MMC-425 Sold Smith & Wesson M&P Magazines: 3x Ten Round Magazines (40 S&W/357 Sig) Sold...