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  1. MP Pistol Talk
    The green fiber optic rod fell off my M&P 9 Pro front sight and was lost S&W says it is .070 diameter but nobody seems to carry that size. Has anyone else had this problem? Any ideas for a solution are appreciated.
  2. MP SHIELD Pistols
    I am about 700-800 rounds through the Shield .40 now and my front sight paint is gone. Has anyone repaired this with a bright orange/yellow/green enamel that will withstand the recoil and moderate temperatures on the slide assembly? I may end up getting night sights anyway but i am looking for a...
  3. MP SHIELD Pistols
    I have the Trijicon HD Tritium Sights (SA39-C-600714) on my shied. I am looking for a shorter front sight because I shoot Point of Aim/Point of Impact. I'm sure someone has found a shorter front sight for this weapon and rear sight. Can anyone recommend where I can buy a shorter front sight for...
  4. MP Pistol Talk
    FRONT SIGHT WIDTH What FRONT SIGHT WIDTH do I need? -fiber optic on 9c I'm installing a 10-8 front fiber optic on my 9c. I already have the 10-8 Performance .140 U-notch rear. I've been waiting for the .115 to be in stock but wondered if any of you have experience with the .110 or .100...
1-4 of 4 Results