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  1. IWB recommendations for M&P

    MP Full Size Pistols
    I have a Shield for my main carry and an LCP for other circumstances. I don't really think this full size is ideal but if I did decide I wanted to carry it, what are some good options for it? I think it would weigh a ton but still, it would be nice to have the the option. FWIW, I am 5'10" and...
  2. WTB: Threaded Barrel for Full Size M&P

    Want To Buy
    I'm looking for a threaded barrel for my M&P. I've seen stock threaded barrels for $150, and the AAC and Storm Lake barrels are $220+. I want a used stock one if possible, as it is going to be sent away and Titanium Nitrite coated.
  3. Crimson Trace Laser grip with a Hogue grip? M&P40 FS

    MP Pistol Accessories
    Does anyone have an idea if it would be possible to install a Hogue grip over a Crimson Trace laser grip set? It couldn't be the M&P Hogue grip because of the plastic shaft that is used to lock it into place like the stock backstraps. Is there a universal grip for full size pistols that might...
  4. Blood Red Color Fill

    MP Full Size Pistols
    Sat down with some blood red fingernail polish and did a color fill job on my M&P .40 Full Size. Some of the pics look pink due to the flash. Feel free to post your customized M&P pics.