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  1. Classifieds & WTB Section
    TAC BELTZ Inner/Outer Belt 1.75", (34-38 waist). Bought two new belts to match new holsters, so this one was just sitting around. (Like New) ($60 Shipped) HIVIZ Smith and Wesson M&P 2.0 Fiber Optic Adjustable Sights. (New) ($60 Shipped) Smith and Wesson M&P 2.0 Curved OEM Trigger Shoe...
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  2. Pistol Holsters, SIghts & Other Accessories
    I just picked up my 2.0 10mm and I had a brand new safariland 7360 ALS/SLS left hand holster waiting at home for it, because a week or so ago I scored one on Amazon for $28, shipped. This model was listed as being for an m&p 45 with light, so I figured it should work. The following info will be...
  3. MP SHIELD Pistols
    Anyone out there pocket carry a 4" Shield? I've got a 4" plus showing up soon and I'm wondering if any available pocket holsters fit.
  4. MP SHIELD Pistols
    Finally updated from the OG Shield9 to the Shield Plus. It's a sign of the times when here in 2022, my Plus basically holds as many rounds as my OG M&P9c circa 2010! Only wish I had waited and gotten an optics-ready version, but oh well. So, of course the pistol (with Streamlight TLR-6) fits...
  5. Classifieds & WTB Section
    Bravo Concealment light bearing OWB holster for M&P 9 + Inforce APL Barely ever used it, still in great condition. $35 shipped - Paypal F&F or + 3.5%
  6. MP Pistol Talk
    I have a full size MP9 M2.0 with a 4.25" barrel and installed a Crimson Trace CMR-205. Can't find a holster for it. Need recommendations for universal fit and/or links to holster companies who sell them or can make one for me. TYIA
  7. MP Pistol Talk
    Good day, I am having ZERO luck locating a kydex holster for my new 9mm 3.6" 2.0. Any leads out there?
  8. Classifieds & WTB Section
    5.11 Tactical Thumb Drive Level-II Pistol Holster for Smith-Wesson M&P Full Size 4" 5.11 Tactical Thumb Drive Level-II Pistol Holster 50096 Smith-Wesson M&P 4" Full Size (9mm, .40, .357) Right Hand Side Excellent Condition. Slightly modified to clear an optic but in no way effects the fit or...
  9. MP SHIELD Pistols
    Just got a M&P Shield 2.0 9mm. No lights or lasers, no thumb safety. Had been carrying Browning 1911-380 (think 85% size of .45 ACP 1911) in IWB hybrid holster (Kydex formed to my pistol with leather against me). Thinking of getting Kydex only hostler made for the Shield 2.0 9mm. Will always...
  10. MP SHIELD Pistols
    Has anyone tried the Axis Slim holster from Tier 1 Concealment? Looks like a very good appendix inside the waistband holster. I like the idea of using the shock cord to attach the mag caddy so that it can bend and flex to the shape of your body. Has anyone tried this or currently own one for...
  11. Classifieds & WTB Section
    Selling a G-Code INCOG Eclipse holster for the Shield (the one in my avatar). Black tactical fuzz on gray kydex. Right hand Red Super Mojo Half guard cut Used with very light wear. Functions flawlessly. This by far my absolute favorite IWB appendix carry holster. I have tried many and I think...
  12. MP SHIELD Pistols
    I am wanting to buy a new OWB holster for my shield 9mm, and I'm looking at the DeSantis Mini Scabbard and the Bianchi Model 57 Remedy. Anyone have experience or own either one? Just seeing people opinion for which one is a better holster. Thanks.
  13. MP SHIELD Pistols
    I have a nice kydex IWB holster, but would also like to find a good leather OWB for my 9mm Shield. Who had a favorite, and what's great about it?
  14. MP Pistol Talk
    I have a Shield for my main carry and an LCP for other circumstances. I don't really think this full size is ideal but if I did decide I wanted to carry it, what are some good options for it? I think it would weigh a ton but still, it would be nice to have the the option. FWIW, I am 5'10" and...
1-14 of 59 Results