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  1. HELP: Need holster for MP9 2.0, 4.25 barrel w/CT CMR-205

    MP Full Size Pistols
    I have a full size MP9 M2.0 with a 4.25" barrel and installed a Crimson Trace CMR-205. Can't find a holster for it. Need recommendations for universal fit and/or links to holster companies who sell them or can make one for me. TYIA
  2. ISO a Holster for 3.6" model

    MP Talk
    Good day, I am having ZERO luck locating a kydex holster for my new 9mm 3.6" 2.0. Any leads out there?
  3. 5.11 Tactical Thumb Drive Level-II Pistol Holster for Smith-Wesson M&P Full Size 4"

    5.11 Tactical Thumb Drive Level-II Pistol Holster for Smith-Wesson M&P Full Size 4" 5.11 Tactical Thumb Drive Level-II Pistol Holster 50096 Smith-Wesson M&P 4" Full Size (9mm, .40, .357) Right Hand Side Excellent Condition. Slightly modified to clear an optic but in no way effects the fit or...
  4. Holster advice for Shield 2.0 9mm.

    MP SHIELD Pistols
    Just got a M&P Shield 2.0 9mm. No lights or lasers, no thumb safety. Had been carrying Browning 1911-380 (think 85% size of .45 ACP 1911) in IWB hybrid holster (Kydex formed to my pistol with leather against me). Thinking of getting Kydex only hostler made for the Shield 2.0 9mm. Will always...
  5. Tier 1 Concealment Axis Slim AIWB holster?

    MP SHIELD Pistols
    Has anyone tried the Axis Slim holster from Tier 1 Concealment? Looks like a very good appendix inside the waistband holster. I like the idea of using the shock cord to attach the mag caddy so that it can bend and flex to the shape of your body. Has anyone tried this or currently own one for...
  6. Selling Shield G-Code INCOG Eclipse Holster (IWB)

    Selling a G-Code INCOG Eclipse holster for the Shield (the one in my avatar). Black tactical fuzz on gray kydex. Right hand Red Super Mojo Half guard cut Used with very light wear. Functions flawlessly. This by far my absolute favorite IWB appendix carry holster. I have tried many and I think...
  7. OWB Holster

    MP SHIELD Pistols
    I am wanting to buy a new OWB holster for my shield 9mm, and I'm looking at the DeSantis Mini Scabbard and the Bianchi Model 57 Remedy. Anyone have experience or own either one? Just seeing people opinion for which one is a better holster. Thanks.
  8. How to Carry Concealed When It’s Hot Outside

    Alien Gear Holsters
    Concealed Carry During Hot Weather - Four Tips to Make CCW Life Easier How to Carry Concealed When It?s Hot Outside - Alien Gear Holsters Blog Concealed carry is immeasurably easier spring, fall, and winter than it is in summer. Here are some tips to enjoy the warmth without revealing your...
  9. Alien Gear Holsters Guide to Retention Holsters

    Alien Gear Holsters
    The lay person may hear the term "retention holster" and wonder if some holsters don't have any retention at all. That can be a bit misleading, to be sure. The term "retention holster" is used colloquially to denote a holster that has a bit more retention than the average holster does. Holster...
  10. Recommend for leather OWB holster 9mm Shield

    MP SHIELD Pistols
    I have a nice kydex IWB holster, but would also like to find a good leather OWB for my 9mm Shield. Who had a favorite, and what's great about it?
  11. IWB recommendations for M&P

    MP Full Size Pistols
    I have a Shield for my main carry and an LCP for other circumstances. I don't really think this full size is ideal but if I did decide I wanted to carry it, what are some good options for it? I think it would weigh a ton but still, it would be nice to have the the option. FWIW, I am 5'10" and...
  12. Alien Gear Holsters Blog: When to Draw your Handgun in a Self-Defense Situation

    Alien Gear Holsters
    If a person should ever have to shoot in self-defense, when is the right time to draw? There may be instances when drawing a gun may not only be premature, but possibly illegal.. Continue reading at:
  13. Alien Gear Holsters Blog: The Complete Guide to Gun Safety

    Alien Gear Holsters
    Whether you are a seasoned pro or a complete novice looking to get a handle on safe firearms practices, this guide from Alien Gear Holsters has the tips, tricks and knowledge that you need to understand basic firearm safety.. Continue reading at...
  14. M&P 9/40 Compact Handmade Leather Holster and Matching Mag Pouch

    I have for sale a matching holster and mag pouch for the M&P 9/40 Compact. It's 100% handmade, including hand stitched (saddle stitch, very strong). I'm a holster maker, and I made these for myself... but now I've decided to go a different route. I'd like to sell them together as a matching set...
  15. Questions from a new Shield owner from PA

    New Member Introductions
    Hi, Folks! I just got my Shield 40 and have some questions that I hope you don't mind answering. Sights - purchased the Ameriglo iDot sights. I like them better than the stock sights. Thoughts? Any suggestions on better sights? IWB Holster - looking to get one. Any suggestions on models and...
  16. Howdy - I'm Back!

    MP Talk
    Howdy! I've been gone from the forum for a while! Spent much of the time either deployed or away on duty…or moving. I'm the happy owner of a M&P FS 9 and FS 9 Pro, as well as a Compact 9 and .45. I carry OWB, IWB, and AIWB - mainly Kydex. My wife is getting into the carry scene now that...
  17. WTB: M&P 9 or 9c LH Holsters

    Looking to see what you got! Always looking for new LEFT HANDED holsters for my M&P FS 9mm or Compact 9mm - IWB, OWB, AIWB. Better here than buying new other places. Prefer Kydex… Watcha got????
  18. Need a cheap concealed holster for your Shield 9?

    MP SHIELD Pistols
    Hi, I just wanted to let everyone know that I have recently started making holsters about a year ago specifically for the 9mm M&P Shield and am selling them for very cheap via Amazon. 100% concealable. Take a look and let me know what you think. The listing is located here. If you have any tips...
  19. Viridian R5 iwb ECR Pocket holster

    MP SHIELD Pistols
    Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone on here who has a Viridian R5 laser for there shield has the original Iwb ECR holster for sale. Ive been looking all over the place and cant find them. Feel free to message me if you have any info on one. Thanks again
  20. Safariland Holster M&P40 Pro 5"

    MP Pistol Accessories
    Recently just purchased a M&P 40 Pro 5inch, and I'm having troubles finding a level 3 holster that fits it along with my TLR-1 HL. Does anyone have the safariland holster for the M&P9 Pro 5" with a tac-light? Would the M&P 40 Pro 5in with a TLR-1 HL fit in that holster made by safariland for...