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  1. Alien Gear Holsters Guide to Retention Holsters

    Alien Gear Holsters
    The lay person may hear the term "retention holster" and wonder if some holsters don't have any retention at all. That can be a bit misleading, to be sure. The term "retention holster" is used colloquially to denote a holster that has a bit more retention than the average holster does. Holster...
  2. IWB recommendations for M&P

    MP Full Size Pistols
    I have a Shield for my main carry and an LCP for other circumstances. I don't really think this full size is ideal but if I did decide I wanted to carry it, what are some good options for it? I think it would weigh a ton but still, it would be nice to have the the option. FWIW, I am 5'10" and...
  3. WTS: Comptac MTAC M&P 45c holster

    Up for sale is an excellent condition, worn only a handful of times, Comptac MTAC minotaur IWB holster for a M&P 45c or M&P 45 midsize. Holster also has C-Clips for 1.5" belts. Looking to trade for a Kydex OWB holster for an M&P 45c, or $50.00 shipped. Email/PM Thanks!
  4. Fullsize M&P Holsters and Shield Holster

    BlackHawk FullSize M&P Paddle Holster Like new. $35 shipped I think GALCO leather IWB Fullsize M&P $40 shipped COOKS Custom Kydex IWB OD Green 2" Clip $35 shipped All holsters are in GREAT Used Condition. BlackHawk and Galco never carried. Thanks
  5. FS: G-Code INCOG IWB Holster for M&P Shield - Free Shipping!

    SOLD: G-Code INCOG IWB Holster for M&P Shield - Free Shipping! This is a new G-Code INCOG IWB Holster for an M&P Shield, I purchased recently to try out. I literally tried this on in front of the mirror and decided to go another route. This is the black tactical fuzz on black kydex version...
  6. DeSantis Cozy Partner IWB Holster

    MP Pistol Accessories
    I haven't got my CC permit yet, but I have started shopping for a good IWB holster for my Shield 9mm. This was my first purchase that arrived today... The holster is very well made and the leather is nice. The gun fits nicely in the holster. The new leather is quite stiff and will...
  7. M&P40c Versa Carry/Mag Release Issue

    MP Compact Pistols
    Hi everyone, new member, but been shooting my M&P's for a few years now. Anyway, my CCW is a M&P40c in a VersaCarry IWB holster. Seemed like a great lo-profile solution for a small/medium framed guy (5'-7", 155lbs) so I bought the VersaCarry (leather is out of the question, NM summers are too...
  8. Anyone using G-Code Incog Holster?

    MP Talk
    Anyone here currently using the G-Code Incog holster? Saw a few people mention it in posts but not much info on it. Looking into gettin one for a Shield I just purchased. Looks like a solid option. Photos of you wearing it? With the gun in the holster? Overall Impressions?