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  1. MP Full Size Pistols
    I’m a new owner of a full-size 9mm M&P 2.0. We’ll use this mostly for home defense and some trips to the range. My wife has asked about adding a laser and/or light to it to help her in case of an emergency. We’re looking for something reliable and easy to use/install since neither of us have...
  2. MP SHIELD Pistols
    Hi everyone! So my question is, Is there a brand of holster that has the 45 Shield made in Left handed OWB ( I prefer the paddle style, if possible. ) with light/laser attacment I've been looking for awhile and cant seem to find any. Thanks for the help ya'll!
  3. Knife and Light
    Just purchased a brand new M&P 9c. Was looking at the Viridian C5L. Has anyone used one or know anything about them. Opinions welcome. Thank you.
1-3 of 3 Results