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  1. Shield 9mm 8 rnd mags on sale $23.45 shipped

    MP SHIELD Pistols
    Nimrods has the shield 9mm 8 round magazines on sale for $23.45 with free shipping. 2 pack for $46.25 S&W 19936 M&P Shield Magazine 9mm 8Rd SS - Nimrod's Wares If you need any, this is the best price I have seen lately.
  2. Shield 9mm Bladetech Mag Pouch

    MP SHIELD Pistols
    Hi, I am new to the M&P community. I just bought the 9mm Shield Cali Ver. I am looking into getting a single or double mag pouch for this gun. I was looking into getting a Bladetech. Since there is really no shield version has anyone tried the 1911 Single stack? Or if anyone can link me some...
  3. M&P Shield 9mm 8Rd Magazines w/ Extension

  4. WTB 40 FS or 40c mags

    Not looking to buy at outrageous prices, but I own both pistols and would like some extra magazines. Please PM me your "shipped" offer to zip 46808. I can by PP or MO. Thanks!