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  1. MP SHIELD Pistols
    Finally updated from the OG Shield9 to the Shield Plus. It's a sign of the times when here in 2022, my Plus basically holds as many rounds as my OG M&P9c circa 2010! Only wish I had waited and gotten an optics-ready version, but oh well. So, of course the pistol (with Streamlight TLR-6) fits...
  2. MP SHIELD Pistols
    Hi, I installed a Taran tactical base pad about 3 months ago and I just noticed the other day my gun was making a rattling noise with my safety off so I field stripped it and I noticed my ejector wiggles back and forth a little. I put a magazine in it with my Taran tactical base plate installed...
  3. MP SHIELD Pistols
    Just bought a new MP 9 Shield EZ. Everytime I put the magazine in (loaded or empty) it pushes the slide lock up. Can not disengage unless pulling back on slide. Locks in open position after 1st shot. Any help?
  4. MP SHIELD Pistols
    Simple question. Can I use the mag from a Shield 9 in my Shield 40? I found a 50 round drum for a 9 but haven't been able to find the equivalent for my 40. I'd like a drum for my 40 and was hoping that I could buy the one for the 9 and use it. I've found a lot of conflicting answers and don't...
  5. Classifieds & WTB Section
    I have a Shield 9mm magazine holster by Bravo Concealment. I bought it new and never used it. I am asking $15 and shipping is FREE to the lower 48 states. US Postal money order preferred. Thanks for looking .
  6. MP SHIELD Pistols
    Nimrods has the shield 9mm 8 round magazines on sale for $23.45 with free shipping. 2 pack for $46.25 S&W 19936 M&P Shield Magazine 9mm 8Rd SS - Nimrod's Wares If you need any, this is the best price I have seen lately.
  7. Classifieds & WTB Section
    (1) Brand new in box, 17rd 9mm M&P factory magazine for sale. $30 shipped! PayPal gift only. PM if interested. Thanks!
  8. MP Pistol Talk
    Hey everyone- How often do you guys replace your magazine springs? How many rounds until you start having issues and know they need to be replaced? Thanks
  9. MP SHIELD Pistols
    I have Googled everything I can think of and been to all the local shops in my area without any luck of where to find a replacement magazine spring for my Shield. Its a 9mm 7rd magazine (which is somewhat irrelevant I guess because they have the same spring regardless of 7rd or 8rd but I figure...
  10. Classifieds & WTB Section
    ALL HAVE BEEN SOLD. THANKS! Arredondo Extended Base-Pad Condition: Excellent (used) Price: $11 Includes locking plate. Does not fit 10rd fullsize magazines.
  11. Gunsmithing and Tech Help
    Just bought my first hangun, an M&P 9 Shield. When trying to pop in my 7 round mag it does not stick in (maybe stays in about 30% of the time). I push it up and hold my hand there and it will still pop back out. It does not do this with the 8 round mag so I feel like it is an issue with the...
  12. MP Pistol Talk
    I'm a RH shooter and always used my right thumb to release the magazine. On the 9c I have to move it a little in my hand to get my thumb on the release. Since it's reversible, I moved the release to the right side of the gun. When the release was on the left side, The magazines popped out...
  13. Classifieds & WTB Section
    SOLD: Smith & Wesson M&P 40 Magazines, Storm Lake Conversion Barrel (40 to 9mm) Storm Lake 40S&W to 9mm Conversion Barrel for Smith & Wesson M&P 40 Full Size. Approx. 200 Rounds Fired. Part Number: SW-MP-9MMC-425 Sold Smith & Wesson M&P Magazines: 3x Ten Round Magazines (40 S&W/357 Sig) Sold...
  14. Classifieds & WTB Section
    We have a lightly used M&P9 17 round magazine and a fresh box of 147gr. Blazer ammo. We would like to trade for either a factory or aftermarket M&P40 f/s barrel in new or lightly used condition. Please contact me by PM. We are not entertaining any other offers on the 9mm magazine. If you do...
  15. MP SHIELD Pistols
    High all. First post but have been reading for a while and have learned much as a result - thank you. I recently picked up a Shield 40 along with 4 additional 7 rnd mags. I've had one range session to get the feel and really like it, especially it's EDC qualities which is why I bought it...
  16. Classifieds & WTB Section
    I've got about 6-8 brand new .40/.357 full size 15rd mags that I'd be willing to trade for 9mm full size 17rd mags or 22 12 or 10 rd mags. I'm new on here but have been around m4c and THR for a long time under the same username. PM if interested.
  17. MP Pistol Talk
    One of the guys I know solely through the shooting community (I wouldn't call him a friend) just offered to sell me 10x NEW 17 Round M&P9 magazines for $750. I personally couldn't justify the prices so I passed. Just took a look at some of the Gun Broker listings, and holy crap! Gun Broker...
1-18 of 18 Results