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  1. How Many Magazines Do You Own or Carry?

    MP SHIELD Pistols
    I currently own three mags for my M&P Shield 45; two 6+1 and the standard 6 that came with the weapon. I plan on purchasing a few more. I carry two extra mags with me and am wondering as a general consensus, how many spare mags do other concealed carriers usually have on them.

    *** SOLD *** I Have For Sale: (5) Brand New in the Box/Brand New in the Wrap - S&W M&P Fullsize 9mm 17-rd Magazines These are all Brand New in the Box, never been opened Factory OEM Magazines for Fullsize 9mm M&Ps. Sold off all my M&Ps and no longer need these. I'm asking $30 Each Shipped...
  3. M&P 45 magazines FS

    I have a few extra 45 cal magazines for sale. These are 10 rounds. $30 for 1,$50 for 2. I also have 2 14 round mags for sale. $35 each. just email me for more info. Don't ask me to sell them to the BANNED states. Thom
  4. Standard Mags for M&P40

    MP Full Size Pistols
    I been looking around for standard sized magazines for my M&P40 FS for when I visit my folks in AZ, but haven't found much. All the online vendors appear to be OOS. My folks in AZ have been looking for me as well in B&M stores but they haven't found anything yet either. They're about as easy to...
  5. WTT .40/.357 FS mags for 9mm FS or 22 mags

    I've got about 6-8 brand new .40/.357 full size 15rd mags that I'd be willing to trade for 9mm full size 17rd mags or 22 12 or 10 rd mags. I'm new on here but have been around m4c and THR for a long time under the same username. PM if interested.
  6. After Market Mags

    MP Full Size Pistols
    Tried to search for after market magazines to no avail. Has anyone found after market mags? (M&P 9mm) Regards, Rich