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  1. HELP: Need holster for MP9 2.0, 4.25 barrel w/CT CMR-205

    MP Full Size Pistols
    I have a full size MP9 M2.0 with a 4.25" barrel and installed a Crimson Trace CMR-205. Can't find a holster for it. Need recommendations for universal fit and/or links to holster companies who sell them or can make one for me. TYIA

    MP SHIELD Pistols
    Can anyone tell me why there's a hole in the grip? I thought there was to be some kind of tool inside. Thanks Jason
  3. First shots with MP9

    MP Range Reports
    Took my brand spanking new MP9 out to the range to get a feel for her. These are my very first 3 shots. 115 grain CCI Blazer at 15 yards, standing. The trigger did lighten up after 100 rounds. I was intent on dropping in an Apex DCAEK, but I think I'll shoot it a bit more before I go there...