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  1. WTB: M&P9 5" slide

    Looking to pick up a 5" slide for my M&P as they are now vaporware here in CA. M&P9 L, pro, core, stripped or complete, I don't care. Please PM or email me. I've got cash in hand and am ready to go. EDIT: I am also willing to purchase a full pro or pro core pistol if you have it here in CA...
  2. WTB: M&P9 Pro 5"

    Willing to drive a few hours if need be. I am looking for the M&P 9mm Pro with the 5" barrel and HiViz sites.
  3. wts/wtt m&p9 pro 5" bitone stainless(cabelas special order) m&p40c

    both sold, found a 40 pro 5" with night sights. looking for a threaded 9mm conversion barrel 5.7"-ish size