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  1. New .40 Shield Report

    MP SHIELD Pistols
    I picked up my Shield .40 today at my range/shop and put some rounds down range right out of the box. This is a little unusual for me since I usually completely disassemble an unfamiliar weapons system, clean it, inspect it, lubricate and reassemble so as to familiarize myself with any...
  2. Shot my 40c for the first time today

    MP Compact Pistols
    And it was awesome!! It feels comfortable in my hands and I'm getting to know it inside and out. One thing is I am definitely going to switch out the sights for something I can see a little better. Research is my friend!!! :yes
  3. Misfire new 9c with win white box 115g

    MP Range Reports
    So i am not sure where to post this, but just took a brand new 9c to my local indoor range. Fired about 45-50 rounds no problem. At this point my father started shooting it. He pulled the trigger and nothing. After ejecting that round, we saw it had in fact been struck by the firing pin. I put...