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    This is for a new Raven Concealment Phantom kydex holster for a FS M&P9 with standard Surefire X300 light. This is NOT for the X300 Ultra. It is black, for right handed shooters, with minus cant (straight drop), short body shield, and includes Raven Concealment Quick Mount Straps (QMS) for 1.5...
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    Does anyone have a VG-2 sitting around they are willing to part with? Of so how much shipped. Also have some things to trade (firearm gear, mil-tactical gear)if that is of interest. Just let me know what you're looking for. Thanks Ryan
  3. Classifieds
    Up for sale is a Like New M&P 9 full size Package. This will come with the very hard to find Factory threaded barrel with NEWEST twist rates and higher quality lockup. This pistol was manufactured toward mid to end of 2013 and has ALL of the newest generation changes (barrel twist rate, improved...
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    RCS Phantom OWB M&P9/40 holster LH and mag carrier I have a barely used RCS Phantom holster and mag carrier for sale. Holster is for full size M&P 9 or 40. Won't fit the 45 version. Left-handed carry. 10-degree cant. Full body shield In great shape as it was barely used for winter...
  5. Pistol Holsters, SIghts & Other Accessories
    I'm looking to purchase a holster for my M&P9c. I know I want a kydex pancake style. I'm looking at either a Raven Concealment, Bravo Concealment, or an Off The Grid Concepts holster. All are constructed about the same, price similarly, but wait times vary. Raven is at 16-18 weeks (I am not a...
1-5 of 5 Results