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  1. What do I do now?

    MP SHIELD Pistols
    Hello fellow M&P'ers i have an M&P Shield 9mm Performance Center. First time out, almost every other shot resulted in the slide sticking back. This is without the lock engaged and rounds still in the clip. I had to hit the slide with the palm of my hand to break it loose. I made SW aware and...
  2. bent magazine catch spring

    MP SHIELD Pistols
    Hi all, I recently needed to remove the mag catch on my 9 mm shield to clean some rust off of it. Corrosion from sweat I expect as this is my EDC. Anyway, I over stressed the spring that retains the magazine catch. This spring looks to simply be a straight length of spring steel that is...
  3. Shield .40 Recoil Spring Failure

    MP SHIELD Pistols
    When I field stripped the shield after the Range today I was surprised that my captured recoil spring was now non-captured. Oops. Did I miss something? It looks like the cap piece that threads or is fixed to the internal guide rod came loose at some point. The good news is the gun functioned...
  4. When to change Magazine Springs..?

    MP Full Size Pistols
    Hey everyone- How often do you guys replace your magazine springs? How many rounds until you start having issues and know they need to be replaced? Thanks
  5. 9mm VTAC extraction issue

    MP Pistol Tech Help
    Hi everyone - Quick background on my issue, I have a VTAC in both 9mm and 40. Recently, I upgraded both with the APEX options. I also replaced the recoil springs with the blue painted factory recoil springs sold by Brownells. Since doing that, Ive experienced an issue with the case just barley...
  6. Replacement Magazine Springs

    MP SHIELD Pistols
    I have Googled everything I can think of and been to all the local shops in my area without any luck of where to find a replacement magazine spring for my Shield. Its a 9mm 7rd magazine (which is somewhat irrelevant I guess because they have the same spring regardless of 7rd or 8rd but I figure...
  7. New Shield 9mm...Bad recoil spring? (With Pictures)

    MP SHIELD Pistols
    I just picked up a new Shield 9mm yesterday. I put about 200 rounds through it so far. I've had some issues with mine that other people also seem to be having with their new Shields. Sometimes it is hard to reassemble the pistol after a take down to get the slide back on properly (and yes the...