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  1. WTT Custom M&p 2.0 4.25" For Stock Slide

    Sorry Admins for the revisions. I have up for sale my FULL M&P 2.0 4.25" slide, I am looking for a stock slide plus 275 cash OBO. Buyer preferably located in South Florida but will entertain other states. Slide is custom cut by DP custom works, includes truglo night sights, and a TIN coated...
  2. *TRADE* Shield 9mm 8 round magazine for 7 round mag

    The 7 round mags feel better in my hand. Anyone have the opposite problem and want to trade my 8 for their 7?
  3. WTT: M&P thumb safety for frame plugs

    WTT: M&P thumb safety for frame plugs... Traded 6/2/14 Hi all, I have a M&P40c that I'd like to pull the thumb safety off of and trade for the frame plug set. I'm not interested in making money here. Or, I'd like to buy a pair of frame plugs if anyone has a set. I've already called S&W...
  4. looking for 40c and 9c barrels

    I am looking for a 40c barrel as someone stole mine and I am also looking for a 9c barrel I am willing to trade a 357 Sig compact barrel for either and or cash considerations