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  1. Pistol Holsters, SIghts & Other Accessories
    Hey all, my first question...I'd like to order a set of sights for my m&p, wanting to go with night sights, but worried about all light conditions as I'll also be shooting it alot at range and hopefully competitions (idpa,uscca etc)...any suggestions or anything I should stay away from...
  2. Classifieds & WTB Section
    Ameriglo/Trijicon M&P Tritium Night Sight New. Trade Thumb Safety/Detent or Apex Trig Might keep it with other one I have.
  3. Gunsmithing and Tech Help
    Hello. The company I once used to install tritium vials into existing sights closed several years ago. I am looking to have tritium installed on multiple firearms and one is a revolver. Can I get some ideas on current companies that are known for good work with this modification? Thank you in...
1-3 of 3 Results