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  1. DIY Stippling video

    So, I decided to finally tackle stippling myself and found out a couple of things: 1) my hand cramps a lot lol 2) heat control is king I did this to my umbrella corp grip for my AR build and I couldn't be happier with the results. I have a feeling my two M&P's are next...feel free to ask...
  2. M&P Trigger update w/ Video

    MP Full Size Pistols
    First let me say I am new to the M&P Line. I did quite a bit of research before I purchased a Shield 9mm. From my reading I was under the impression that the Shield trigger was updated compared to the other M&P guns. However, I just tested out a FS M&P 9mm that was Manufactured in March of...
  3. Pelican case (for less)

    MP Pistol Accessories
    Hey guys, thought I would share what I did with a used Pelican laptop case I got from Ebay. You can pickup the same case for around $40 or less and then get the pluck'n pull foam to make a custom outline for your gun. This is a pretty good size case, made to fit a 17" Laptop. You can fit...

    I'm sharing my frustration and misery to everyone here in hopes you will pass it on to friends/family. I've felt that I have been wronged by this company and disrespected by their customer service. The video explains it, NSFW. This really pissed me off, especially given how long it is taking to...
  5. Ruger SP101 with a spring job

    Hey there guys, thought I would share my experience with my Ruger SP101 with some Wolff springs installed. What a difference it made! For less than $20 bucks and a little work, it was like a whole new gun. They make springs for just about all guns out there, so it's worth it. Ruger SP101...