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  1. Performance Center Sriker Block/Plunger

    I'm looking for a M&P Performance Center Striker Block/Plunger with the beveled edge similar to the Apex USB. I understand that some PC pistols came with this block and some came with the standard block. I'm looking for the PC block. I may be interested in buying another PC sear as well.
  2. WTB M&P 9c

    I've been looking hard at the 9mm shield, but I've decided to go more conventional (really like my FS M&P 40, probably my fave .40). Prefer relatively low-round-count. Don't want the mag-disconnect, ideally, but strongly prefer the thumb safety. Tried a couple of local stores, no luck and no...
  3. WTB M&P Mags & Holster

    Looking for M&P 9 17rd magazines & a OWB holster for a 9c. If you have any of these items please email me pictures and info at [email protected] I use Tapatalk app on iPhone and rarely on a computer. (Wish they would add the Tapatalk plugin for this site). Thank you
  4. WTB M&P 9mm Complete slide

    I'm looking for a complete 9mm slide ("upper" for you rifle folks out there) either standard 4.25" or 5". Hit me up with your offer, looking to have it in hand ASAP!
  5. WTB 9mm bullets

    Want To Buy
    Looking for 9mm bullets. Lead, jacketed, plated... just depends on price. Located in Wisconsin.