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I am in the process of trading a new M&P40c to Caleb(cmdbass) for a Bersa Thunder 380 he had. It's been a pain in the ass so far due to my FFL not faxing their FFL as asked a few times, not calling me when the pistol arrived, losing the copy of the FFL of his dealer, etc. My FFL sucks, to say the least.

I cannot even begin to say enough about Caleb's patience throughout this deal. He's told me several times not to worry, no big deal, things like this happen, etc.

I got the Bersa today, and it's nicer than I expected. Its supposedly had 150rds through it, but I'd say more like 15. Thing looks brand new - obviously well taken care of. Not only is the gun in great condition, it came with 4 mags, very nice wood grips, case, and he even threw in more money than we discussed. He's exactly the type of person I like doing business with.

I don't think he could have made this any nicer or smoother of a transaction. So, a huge thanks goes out to cmdbass. It's been a pleasure, and I hope when the 40c gets there you're as happy with it as I am with the Bersa. -Josh
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