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I got my M&P fullsize .40 and I stated cooking up loads for USPSA power factors. My first batch has been with 165gr FMJ from Precission Delta an Titegroup. Both loads where at 1.125, and both were quite accurate.

For minor I tried 4.0gr which resulted in average velocity of 810fps for 133PF. Lowest shot was at 770 (127PF) and the fastest at 826 (136PF). The 770 was way lower then the rest and I have no idea if it was a low charge of is the chrono had a brain fart. The load is softer then my 9mm 124gr minor loads and the sights tracked very nicely. This load I'm keeping, I think it rocks

For major I tried 5.0gr which is only 0.1gr shy of the published max load. These clocked around 980fps for 162PF. That kinda sucks. The offical data says 5.1 should be a 1047 which would make a nice 172PF, but I think from the M&P barrel that isn't going to happen. I'll load some and find out but I'm not holding my breath. Seeing how the published pressure for 5.1 is 33600, and the spec is 35000 I might try 5.2 and look for signs of pressure and see whats what.

5.0 is kinda snappy and while not an unpleasant load it certainly wasn't a light one. I got quite a bit of left and up snap, where the 4.0 tracked almost perfectly up and down. My testing was done with the medium grip insert, but I think I may try the large one which may get me better control for the major load.

Hopefully this will help the next person trying out loads.
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