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180gr Zero JHP load

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I used 3.9gr titegroup with 180gr Zero JHP bullets, overall length 1.125". This is a nice soft shooting load.

Had Zero malfunctions of any kind. My wife Catherine shot about 200 of these loads and just loved the pistol.

Very accurate as well.
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Have you tried any other powder than tightgroup? Just to compare...

I'm running unique, wondering how much cleaner tightgroup is than unique, which is really dirty.
I have not. I use the titegroup with my Limited SV gun (uspsa guy). I have some VVN320 around I could try it with that, but I'm pretty happy with titegroup. It seems to be relatively clean burning and it's fairly inexpensive.
I'll have to pick up a pound and see what its like.
Another powder that works well in the 40 is AA #2. Fairly inexpensive, clean burning and minimal muzzle flash. I have been experimenting with it in 40, 9 and 45 and have been pleased with the results.

I have also had very good results with Clays and 180 grain bullets. I have seen no evidence of sensitivity to termperature changes. For some reason Clays shoots very soft.
Living up north I'm afraid of clays on what I have read and heard about drastic temp drops.

That was actually first on my list next to tightgroup.

What have you heard about clays and temp?

I picked up a bunch of it to load in my 45acp.

Like you, I live in the northland (Minnesota) and we can, at times, have a cold day or two around here.
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Reading in my serria book, that clays builds excessive pressures in COLDER climates.

They go on to say that usually powders do the reverse, colder= less pressures.. where as clays, if your running high pressures to begin with, and you worked them up in warm weather, and you shoot them in the cold, your pressures will jump considerable.

I'm alittle shy of clays for that comment, and am going to go after tightgoup, but clays was my first choice.
try Universal its similar to Unique. but workup loads with Universal can spike is not a powder to push. can meter weird.

5.0gr with 180gr is pretty soft shooting and its clean. but if you have exposed lead in the bullet it can smoke.

anyone try 180gr FMJ or JHP with 8.0gr with Hodgdon Longshot?

I love shooting that in my Steyr M40 its the king of 180gr 40sw loads for speed and energy.

fired from 4" bbl Steyr M40 into gallon jug of water with thick book for backstop. the Remington JHP 180gr expanded the most but didnt penetrate much. used 8.2gr for Speer 165gr GDHP

Bullet-Name-Type-Weight--Retained Wght--Expansion

Remington JHP 180gr--168.7gr--.860" Core

Remington GSHP 180gr--176.8gr--.809" Core

Speer GDHP 165gr--163.7gr--.641" Core

Speer GDHP 180gr--163gr--.805" Core

Hornady XTP 180gr--145.7gr--.749" Core
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