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1st detail strip

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I detail stripped my M&P 9 for the first time tonight. It was easy and went well. When comparing the take down of the M&P to the take down of the Glock, there are 2 things that take longer. The firing pin safety and the extractor. Having to remove the rear sight to get the FPS out is kind of a pain; luckily it doesn't need to come out very often. I didn't remove the extractor b/c I didn't knock out the pin that retains it. Has anyone taken this pin out? How tight is it? I am hoping it is about as tight as the pin retaining the extractor on an AR-15! :wink:

I really like that the frame rails come out of the frame. I can't wait to polish up the trigger parts!!!
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I asked this very question a week or two ago... here was the answer I got:

Now, the issue you're going to have is that we were told in our armorers class that they dont recommend doing this because the pin is EXTREMELY difficult to get out. They put the extractor and pins in the slide and then melonite (the final finish on the gun) the slide. Apparently melonite is a very tough finish and when doing this with the pin in the gun, the pin is locked in pretty good. He advised you will probably break 2-3 punches before getting movement or getting it out.

We didnt even take out the extractor in our armorers course.
Wow. I wonder why they did that?
I guess they really want the finish on the extractor to match the slide. That's the only reason I can think of for this procedure.
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