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1st post, on the fence...

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Hi, this is my first post, and I'm considering an M&P 9 if I can get a couple of things cleared up. I have been watching this gun ever since it came out, and keep expecting it to take off like the proverbial house afire with LE due the combination of price, features, and S&Ws excellent treatment of LE customers.

1. Couple of questions: I nearly bought the XD, but the trigger reset is way beyond what I can easily adapt to. Is the factory M&P reset much better, or will I probably want some work done to improve it?

2. Right side slide stop-I don't "slingshot." The gun is for me, a lefty, and a young lefty student without much strength in his hands yet. Is the new larger slide stop on the right side also? Or will I be forced to "slingshot" slide closure? I don't do the slingshot thing as I have too many years of using my trigger finger to release the slide, and if I slingshot a S&W auto I have had the de-cocker down fail to fire. I can go through a half mag of TRB drills before I realize what I've done...

3. The bore axis is closer to a Glock 17 than an XD, right ?(another reason I didn't buy the XD).

4. I know the mags for the M&P and 5900 series won't interchange. How about mag pouches-close enough that my Kytacs will fit?

5. Is the slide slimmer than the slide on a Glock 17? Sure looks a lot trimmer. I haven't held one side by side-just thought of this.

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M&P-9 mag are very close the Beretta-92/96 mags.

I use the HKS mag loader designed for the Beretta - #941.

For what its worth, the loader also does S&W 915, 946, 59xx and 69xx series mags.
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