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Hi. 1st post here, Been lurking for a couple of months and figured it was time to jump in. This is really a great forum. I have 2 .40's that are rapidly becoming favorites. When I can finally get a break from work I'll start shooting production in USPSA with one.

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reerc said:
Welcome to the forum, Steven.

Good input on the .40.

I'm torn between a .40 and a 9mm, and want to decide before Christmas.


I shoot USPSA Production with my 9mm, but I would love to get a 40 to shoot Limited & Limited 10 with it!!
Steven T said:
Thanks fore the welcome. I loaded up some .40's for production and its awesome. Very little recoil or flip. Now if onlt the Warren sights would get out I'd be very very happy


Worry not Steve, I spoke to Scott Warren at Nationals and he mentioned that the M&P sights were next on his Priority List and that they were almost done!!

Julie Goloski shot their prototype at the match.
Steven T said:
Yamil, I've been following your post's here and over at Brian Enos's forum on the Warren sights. I can hardly wait my credit card is warmed up and ready to go. Oh and by the way your pictures rock the one you posted in your intro with Doug Koenig doing a mag change with two empties in the air is awesome, and anything with Julie is always good. You wouldnt have a picture of her or her M&P were you could see the sights from the side would you? Hope your foot is feeling better.


Thanks for the kind words

My foot is OK now, It's gonna suck on Tuesday!!

I'll have my surgery on Monday (lots of Bone Cutting, Pinning & Nailing) and by tuesday, the Nerve Block is going to fade away, & it's going to SUCK!!!!

Sorry, I don't have shots of julies M&P, but I'll contact Scott and get a Prototype and take shots of it when i can get back on my feet!!

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1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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