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Bought this one used with very few rounds through it. Using the Small palm swell I found I needed to try the med. next time. It's nice for reaching the mag release, but just not quite enough there in my hand.

This pistol has Warren Tactical rear, and a front nightsight. Don't know who's, but it's the same height as the stock front that was removed. the trigger is crisp, and consistent at approx. 5.5lbs. Not to bad. I don't like the guide rod assy. (fixed unit). I will replace that and will be trying different spring combo's.

Shooting reloads consisting of Zero's 125 JHP's, and Titegroup (which shot great in my G17) I was less then thrilled with accuracy. At 15yds. impact was low, and sporadic. This means little to nothing to me as I will try my darnedest to find a load it likes.

I did have about 4-5 FTE's in the 100 or rounds fired. Oddly this seem to try, and correct itself as more rounds were fired. I will be learning about this extractor, and problems arising with others here.

All in all I like it...The features anyway. If I can correct the reliability, and accuracy issues it'll be a keeper.

More later
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