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1st trip to range with new mp40

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Today I put about 450 rounds through my new mp40 and I did not experience a single malfunction. I sold my s&w 40gve at last weeks gunshow to up-grade to the mp and I couldn't be happier. I never had any problems of any kind with the sigma I just got rid of, I just couldn't get used to that stiff trigger. The MP shot like a dream compared to the sigma. I tried out all the grips and sevral diffrent kinds of ammo. The Medium backstrap seems to work best for me. I was really suprised on the recoil it was not like most 40 cals I have shot. Overall I was very pleased and look forward to getting back to the range.
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Mmmmmm ....hope I have your luck when mine arrives hopefully this week! Waiting bites
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My MP40 doesnt seem to have the kick/recoil that normally comes out of a duty gun type (ie Beretta, Sig, Glock, HK). It feels a little softer. Not quite like a 9, but not a 40 either.
Great to hear you like your M&P40!
Just curious that you found the .40 to be not so bad when in this thread:

there seems to be some who have trouble. It's interesting how different a caliber can feel from person to person, that's all. I hope I end up liking it.
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I've heard from just about everyone that the M&P40 is the softest shooting .40 cal handgun.

Congrats on your new M&P
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