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2 M&P 9mm's! New forum member wants to share

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Hi, just wanted to share my two new M&P 9mm pistols. They both do not have the magazine disconnect safety or the internal lock. I am used to Glocks, so I wanted these set up that way too. Still love my Glock 19's but I am a huge fan of the M&P as well! Glad to be a member of this forum.


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That is a nice looking pair!

Welcome to the site
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Thank you. I only have 500 rounds through one and the other is still NIB. I hope to get to the range much more in 07. I think I will add the M&P .45 to the mix too 8)
cet said:
Try shooting them one in each hand!

Put on some black shades with a scruffy beard and that would make a great picture.
Welcome. Nice pair!!
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