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22 kit

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Anyone know if S&W will be producing a 22 conversion kit for the M&P ?

I practice a lot and using 22'a is a lot cheaper up here than 9 mm.
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a .22 kit would be cool. I think that you'd have to convince the aftermarket on this one as the only factory kits AFAIK are the cz cadet and the kimber upper for the 1911. All the rest are 3rd party.
I actually didn't even see this post and thought of it and posted in the main M&P forums about an email drive to Advantage Arms about this.
excellent idea....i'll keep an eye on this topic
YEah.... just buy a .22 you can get a S&W 22a for $179 a kit would cost the around the same im sure.


your welcome for giving you a reason to buy another gun
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Well there ARE reasons for a 22 kit.

1) some of us live in states where buying a gun is a PITA, but a new upper is hassle-free

and more importantly

2) you get to practice cheaply with the gun you compete with or prefer.
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A .22 kit would be great. I hope S&W is listening.
Raz -O :

I don't live in a state that makes it a PITA to buy guns, I live in an Anti gun country. I have been waitung 4 wks now for my permit to take my M&P from the store to my house. Oh , and 10 round mags are a lot of fun, :roll: Never mind the only 5 rounds that we have to use on a centre fire rifle. But a .22 kit would be great, no mag limit and no need for an other permit.
I called Advantage Arms about the kit and the guy had not heard of an M&P...!? Not surprisingly, they have no plans for a 22 kit for the M&P.
I wrote Advantage Arms a month or so ago. I suggest anyone interested in a conversion kit do the same to show them there are buyers out there.
Matt 7184 :

Can you please post the email for advantage arms, maybe the best way is to send them a list of all those who would be interested in a kit. It would show them that there is a demand for the product.
[email protected]

Maybe you should invite them over here and if enough members show interest they will look into it. They only make kits for 1911s and Glocks, the two most popular pistols. It may take a bit more time for the M&P to get popular before they look into it.

The only other option I can think of is to ask S&W to do one, like how CZ has the Kadet or Kimber has their conversion.
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