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25 % Discount on Mags from S&W

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I found this link on another site for 25% discount on M&P mags from S&W. Limit is 5 per customer
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Its posted in the great deals area already..

Sorry...did not see it there. It does look like a very good deal.
No problem.
I did online. just go to smiths website and look for the link.
If you bought a new S&W and mailed in the warranty card,(s) you should automaticalay, (sic) be a member of the 1852 club. My purchase was a new M&P 40 and a 637 the same day, filled out the warranty cards and sent them snail mail.

Shoot straight and stay safe,

I am new here and can't find the spell check for messages.
I asked for the link during the weekend, and got it today. Ordered 1 mag. Still seems expensive but S&W mags have always worked for me.

Who did you email? I joined and emailed and still have not recieved anything back.
hi people. it is mpmag1106 is the promo code. it is 40 minus 25%. you can still buy for 35 even at speedshoters for who wants to . they wont ship to ny but speeshooters will for 15 rnd mags.
Body of the email I recieved from S&W, sorry that links did not transfer. The Promo Code works.

Online Exclusive For Club 1852 Members!


Congratulations on being a member of Club 1852!

To receive the 25% M&P Pistol Magazine Discount offer please visit the links in the email below and use the following promo code when ordering:

PROMO Code: mpmag1106

Discount is only available at the Smith & Wesson Online Store.

Void where prohibited by law.

Due to the popularity and high demand of this promotion

there may be some shipping delays. We thank you for your patience.

Here are links to our M&P Pistol Magazines:

9MM Series M&P Magazine 10 Round

9MM Series M&P Magazine 17 Round (Not available in all states)

40 Cal Series M&P Magazine 10 Round

40 Cal Series M&P Magazine 15 Round (Not available in all states)
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.40 cal mag

Cheaper than dirt are selling .40 mag's 15 rounders for $29.95, if you're a club member there it's $26.26
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