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$29.95 M&P 45 Mags!

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Here you go guys.........$ someone place an order and tell us if it's for real.
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Some people are weary of buying from botac. Apparently a lot of people have been ripped off before. I would buy some from them, but I'm still waiting on my free mags from S&W. :wink:

I personally bought an EOTech 553(included was a free NIB TLR-1 light) from them after hearing about how they supposedly screwed people, and received it in the mail 3 days later no problems.
Botach Tactical??

Umm yeeeaah... I think I'll pass.
Yeah, I did the eotech deal with no problems. Hadnt heard all the Botac criticisim until after my order. I guess I felt lucky when the items arrived. All in all I think in recent history they have a fairly good reputation. There must be a lot of skeletons from the past that continue to haunt them.
Notice that they don't list a catalog number for the .45 mags, which I strongly suspect indicates they don't have any in stock -- they just hope to someday. Botach is famous for advertising great prices on items they don't have. This looks like another such case. Be very careful.


I have bought a few things from Botch now....I have heard some horror stories but I think they have cleaned up there issues and my cousin just bought a crap load of high cap glock mags....again no issues...I will buy again
The trick, so I've been told, is to call them and make sure the items are in stock before placing an order. Supposedly they are great if you are getting in stock items. The problems come when the item is out of stock. Personaly I wont order from them. There are too many horror stories about them and too many quality dealers elsewhere for me to take a crap shoot with Botach.

Midway USA

M-P Store :wink:

just off the top of my head
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Grant at G&R Tactical has some with tan baseplates
that is what spray paint is for.

krylon rocks.
Actually I painted my insert tan (to contrast with the green on my 9) so they match up nice

I am thinking of doing all the mags to make it a no-brainer

Match floorplate color to insert color and go...just like grranimals!
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i just ordered the tan base ones from g&r cheaper than s&w
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