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How far low and how much left? Check the front sight. Is it centered? Also, what weight ammo were you using.

As I understand it, 115gr shoots lower than 124 or 147. Your low may come up with different ammo weight.

My M&P9 shot about 2" left and about 4"-6" low, depending on distance. I shot fairly good groups with it when I wasn't trying to use Kentucky windage to get the impact on the center of the target. Actually, I went through a period that by using the dot on the front sight instead of the top of the blade, I could center on target. I also found some flaws in technique that weren't helping me out. took a good look at the pistol and discovered that the front sight was a tad to the right. After 1500 rounds of fixing the shooter and trying to get the "right" sight picture, I sent the pistol back to S&W. A week later it came back with a centered front sight with lower blade. It still shoots a tad low (0.5-1") but the left is gone (115gr).

Check your technique. Have someone else shoot it. If you are convinced that it truly is a low shooter, I'd send it back to S&W for a check. Their customer service has been outstanding.
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