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40 cal and bullseye.

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I will be purchasing a M&P40 soon and am wondering if anyone reloads the 40 with Bullseye.
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nope, not me, I use unique and soon to be tightgroup.
Thanks for the reply Jester. The only reason for inquiring about Bullseye is I use it for all handgun reloading, 9, 38 Special and 45, it would be easier to use it for the 40 also.
I'm sure you can use it, I'd just have to look in my book'o love, and work up a load.

Here is some data from Alliant's website just scroll down to 40 S&W auto and pick what weight of bullet you would like. start 10% down from these numbers.

Their online data is why I started using alliant years ago. Have not used Bullseye for 40 but looking at the data it looks like it would work with any bullet you wanted to use.

Good luck and let us know how you make out.

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Thanks for the replies.

I do prefer to reload LSWC bullets, do you see any problems with barel leading with the 40 round?
M&Ps have traditional rifling so it won't lead any more than any other gun.

Thanks Mr. Burwell but I am conscerned about leading due to velocity.
Everything I have ever read is that lead will make higher pressures, and start even lower with them on workup. I have shot 150gr swc out of my xd, and I was shooting .5 gr less of powder to get the same vel out of them as my plated.
I load bullseye behind both FMJ, and lead TC bullets. I loaded with tightgroup for the first time last week. I could be insane here, but I had substantially less smoke with the tightgroup and lead load, than the bullseye and lead load. It may have been conditions at the time of shooting, but it is something that I will surely monitor as time goes on.
I had heard that you get less flash/smoke with tightgroup.
hunh, titegroup is fast burning, so it produces less flash/smoke from the powder, on the other hand it is a fast powder, and a double base (IIRC) that burns very hot. This usually means more leading and more smoke form lead bullets.
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