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Took the new .40 Full Size with Night sights out to the range today. I put about 100 rounds through it without a hitch. POA and POI was off slightly. At 15 yards off a sandbag, the gun was shooting about 2" to the right and about an inch low. I was glad that the rear site is so easy to adjust with the set screw. I'm OK with it shooting an inch low though as there really isn't an easy way to adjust with the simple hand tools I have.


1. WWB 165 gr

2. Homemade 180 gr Zero JHP's w/ mixed brass, 1.130", 4.1 gr Titegroup, WSP and WSR primers

3. Homemade " " " 4.3 gr "

The WWB made 160.9 PF, which would be scored minor and my reloads made 156 and 159 PF respectively. I was kinda surprised as some seem to be making major with 4.3 at 1.130" with the M&P. Could be lot variances with the powder, etc. I think I'd have to bump it up to about 4.8 gr to get it around ~165+.

Misc Notes:

1. My hands tend to sweat a little as I shoot and they were slipping slightly from the recoil. I put on some strips of skateboard tape and that issue should become a non-issue.

2. My side of my trigger finger got a little sore right where it makes contact with the very tip of the trigger. It's a little too rounded there for my taste and I may have to break out the dremel with a worn sandpaper attachment (so I save myself from myself) and file that down just a smidge :wink:

3. There's a little 'grit' at the beginning of the travel but then it's nice and smooth right up until the break. I'm hoping that grit goes away with some more rounds. The break is surprisingly crisp also. I'm not sure what the factory spec on the pull weight is but I think it's gotta be somewhere around 6-7 lbs. It's a little heavier than I would like but better to have it a little heavier than a little lighter.

Just gotta get some more rounds through it to break it in and then another 200+ Gold Dots. If all goes well, it'll take it's rightful place in the nightstand and might even go out on a field trip to a local match if I ever decide to shoot production again.
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