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.40 S&W 155 GR loads

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I'm using 155 rainier FP, CCI small pistol, 6.2 GR unique getting about 1041 fps.

Looking for a powder thats the same cost that I can drop to about 4+ gr's with the same speed. Clays, tight group, and universal clays are some options so far.
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For reloads and the 155 Raineer Flat Point I use Vihta vhori N320 and 5.6 grns .. I really like their powders, very clean burning and they produce quite a variety. Blue Dot works great also, very slow burn and requires alot more powder in the area of 11.0 grns also produces a nice flame. You really don't need a flashlight. hehehe...
I'm just wondering about availability on that pwdr, I'll have to see what the dealer has in stock..

I'm down to tightgroup, just cause I heard clays is really temp sensitive.
MIdwayusa now sells most powders. Take a look see.
Ya, I noticed that, but its the haz shipping that kills the price. I can get most powders cheaper than that, with no shipping charge.
Universal Clays is good powder. I use it in 40 and 45. It will produce a little smoke now and then, but isn't temp sensitive to my experience.
from my experience the smoke seems to depend on powder to lead contact.

its pretty nice and clean but think the charges for 155gr would be well past 4gr. if you want low charge weights use 180gr.

might try WST or 231/HP-38
I've had good luck with Univeral and Titegroup wih 155 gr JHP bullets, but it will take about 5.4 grs of Titegroup to get the velocity you want, 5.9 grs is max load according to Hodgdon. It will take just shy of 6.0 grs of Universal to equal your velocity, 6.6 gr is max. I don't think you will be able to get the velocity you want with Clays, according to Hodgdon data 4.0 grs is max with a velocity of 942 FPS.
Jester, my Winchester brochure calls for Win 231 from 5.1 @ 950 fps to 6.0 @ 1100; WST @ 990 to 6.3 @ 1050 or ;WSF @ 6.7 @ 1100 to 7.7 @ 1200. I love WST, it's really clean burning. I have used Universal Clays and am pleased w/ it too. I don't think you will find a powder that will push anything using only 2 grains of powder...maybe I read that wrong, didn't you say you were wanting to decrease by 4 grains? You might also try HS 6 thought it usually requires more than Unique. Good luck
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