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45 Range report

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Ok...I LOVED my M&P9 so much that I ordered a 45 from Buds

I am not big into trendy...I don't jump on every new pistol that comes out (not any more)

I am a diehard 1911 and glock guy ..I got no use for DA auto's but if you like is fine with me

So...Picked up my 45 (no lock/no mag disc.) on Friday afternoon (oh ambi safety)

the grip felt kinda big with the Medium insert but the small made it feel very similar to the 9. I thought my mags were screwed up since the numbers appeared backwards...higher numbers in each pair lower than the smaller one...but when I loaded them it worked just fine.

Mags were easy to load and inserted fine even with the slide forward

Trigger had a fair bit of take up and was kind of mushy...reset was nice and short but not real definite...not as nice (out of the box) as my 9.

I disassembled the pistol and gave the internals a quick wipe with slip 2000 and packed my range bag.

Today was a nice spring day in COlorado so my shooting area had 4 inches of fresh snow and the temp was right around 30 degrees. Since the sun was shining it was quite comfortable except for my mistake on footware...wore hiking shoes instead of boots

I shot 250 rounds of mixed mags including RA9t, WWB and Rem value pack HP's, along with CCI blazer brass and aluminum. The pistol functioned flawlessly and was very accurate.

I was shooting with gloves (brrrr) so I had to adjust my grip a little, but this is my first two mags from 30ft shooting as fast as I could

For me....that is fine shooting...especially the first time out with a new pistol

Even at 100 ft I was keeping all my shots on this cutout shooting as fast as I could

Once I got used to the pistol/gloves my groups centered better ...but since I was also shooting my carbine those targets are obliterated

By the end of the seesion, there seemed to be a more poisitive reset point and I am pretty happy with the trigger. Next time out I will shoot it bare handed and I can get a better feel for it.
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I will be going this monday with mine, I am not crazy about the trigger feel right now. some say it smooths out after several hundred rounds. thanks for the report. I will post mine after.
The trigger seems to be the only consistent negative. I wonder if it is as easy to work on as the other calibers? It should be.
Mine seems better already

If I do decide to have it worked on it won't be because I can't shoot with it right now
I shot mine today and the trigger defintely felt better after 100 rounds. of course my finger was friggen tired by the end.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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