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45 Striker Spring

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I was looking at my 45 the other day during cleaning and was trying to figure out why the 45 has such a heavier trigger pull them the 40. The only differance I could find was in the striker .... I compared the 45 vs 40 strikers and the 45 seems a bit "beefier" in diameter and is slightly longer. However, the spring on the 45 is about 1.5 times larger then the 40 despite the fact that the 45 striker isn't all that longer (maybe 1/8" longer").

Could the longer spring cause greater tension of the striker against the sear creating the heavier trigger pull??

I took a spair striker spring for the 40 and put it on the 45 & That seemed to reduce the trigger pull alot. I also did the pencil test and there didn't seem to be much of a differance between the 2 springs doing it.

Now, what would be the reason for such a large spring?? Could they have made it too long?? Could it be due to complaints of light striker hits?? Would putting in the shorter spring from the 40 be a good idea?? Would it work?? Would light striker hits happen?? Huuummmmm

Just wondering if anyone else has noticed this differance and what they think.
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I have a 40 spring in my personal 45, but that is not the only difference the trigger bar "ramp" that engages the sear is also on a steeper angle which requires more force to overcome the sear.

But the 45 striker spring is in my opinion over-sprung, and it does work well with about 3 less coils on it.
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