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I found this 640 for my wife to start with it is hammer less, so it was very basic which was great seeing how she is just starting to show interest in having her own hand gun for HD. But the trigger pull was very long and hard.

I bought a spring kit 9 lb hammer spring and 9lb trigger spring this helped a lot.

Has any one out there done any polishing on the inside of these J fram guns? I was thinking that might help it a little more. Any input would be great.

Make sure it is unloaded. Insert snap caps in each charge hole. While she is watching the tv hold the gun in the firing hand and pull the trigger about 500 times. Change to the weak hand and pull the trigger another 200 times. Repeat for 5 days. This does two things. It works all the rough spots in the action smooth and it will strengthen her hands to better be able to work the trigger.

Love my 640.
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