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I took a pair of M&P 9mm to TDI in Southern Ohio today for the Level II (this is my 4th time through this-I like going over the basics every couple years). I had 15 magazines that were fairly equally used and a SERPA carbonfiber holster on a Hellweg IDPA style belt. I used mostly blazer 115g with some of the UMC-Remington 115's thrown in as well

One gun has a magazine disconnect, the other does not. I used them fairly equally-using the latter for dry fire practice since much of that was done with no magazine (racking the slide malfunction drills etc)

Problems? a few times the slide would lock back on a half full magazine-I attributed that to my grip. In malfunction drills, the gun would not chamber empty shells-something my sig and glocks usually do. Those were the only problems. I gave each gun slight lubrication once.

the guns were excellent other than the above. No sore spots on either hand-the guy next to me with a 92 was getting his thumbs chewed up from the safety lever and many of the glock shooters (some who had fired a couple hundred rounds yesterday in the Level I course) were sporting first aid tape on the web of their strong hand.

we did a few speed drills-ready position to firing single shots on a steel target that looked to be about half the size of a standard old style IPSC millpark at about 13-14 yards. I was hitting in the .6 range which was much faster than the rest of the class but In all fairness I had years of training and I shot thousands of Bowling pin tables years ago. Three targets-best run was about 1 flat-though I had a run of .88 with a miss, I doubt I could have gone that fast with guns like my beretta or sig -the MP trigger is faster though not as fast as the IPSC guns I used to use (EAA Gold Team/Dawson 9X21 for Open or a Fred Craig Para for Limited).

Magazine ejection was postive and fast-not a single hang up-a couple times a firm slap of the magazine would drop the slide when we were doing shoot to slide lock drills.

All in all a positive experience and I have run this course (and others like it) with sigs, berettas, glocks, BHP and CZ and I would rate this gun tops for this sort of stuff-not having to constantly decock it was a very positive feature as was the comfort of the grip.

BTW If anyone is looking for good training in the Ohio/KY/WVA area I can't recommend this place highly enough . One of the instructors (he's been there about 13 years and this was about the 6 time I shot with him) is Deputy David Bowie who does some really nice work on these and other plastic guns. He had a M&P there that was very nicely done.
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