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9c and the 12 rnd mag

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Well as I said in the introduction post.. I'm one of the "new guys"

I picked up my Like New ina Box 9c on Saturday morning and went to shoot that afternoon.

I found that of the 4 Mag's I was not able to put 12 rounds in 2 of them. They topped out at 11.

I am guessing that it is because this gun truly was nearly new and not fired much. I plan to take it apart and

clean it up real nice tonight, Is there anything I should look at to see about the 12th round issue?

I assume that with time, the spring will lighten up a bit and the 12 will go in with out great effort.

Any other pointers for the new guy?

This is the first Modern era gun I have purchased. We now have a 1958 Ruger Std. and Mid 40's Rohm .22 and this Sweet 9c.

Thanks in advance

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Or get one of those UPLULA mag loaders....

Warning * if you do decide to purchase one of these wonderful products, please keep in mind that you will, no doubt go thru way more ammo.....
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