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My wife's M&P9c hasn't seen much action lately, since she's due with our second child. I decided to take it to the range myself, though, to break in a new magazine.

This trip, I shot (with the M&P):

150 rounds of Blazer aluminum

90 rounds of WWB

20 rounds of Gold Dot 124gr+P

10 rounds of HydraShok 124 gr.

There were no malfunctions during this trip, nor have there ever been any with this pistol in about 1500 rounds to date.

When I do my part, this pistol is quite accurate. I can shoot it almost as well as my Glock 19, which has a longer sight radius, barrel, and grip. I think the main difference is that I'm used to the trigger on my Glock, since I shoot it so much more than I do my wife's pistol.

Here are some targets. All shooting was done offhand, slow fire with a two hand grip. The blazer and WWB were at 10 yds (3" dot) and the GD and HS were at 15 yds.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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